Alley’s of the City

I came across this disused alley which leads on to Ridgeway Street....

One of the things that caught my eye was the interesting little alleyways and disused parts of the city.

As I was out and about, looking after my little baby daughter, I came across one of my first alleys that I had to photograph. The one below was located next to 16 Victoria Ave, Whanganui.  The area has changed over the last year and now has an outdoor alfresco eating area attached to the local restaurant but it started the search for more photo opportunities.


After more walks around the lower parts of the city and going down back roads to shops, I came across this disused alley which leads on to Ridgeway Street.  I photographed it from the rear looking towards Ridgeway.  The door at centre of my photo can just be seen next to the old Empress Building which now homes Main Street Wanganui.  Although Ridgeway is clean and dirty that little door hides the dirt and chaos of yesteryear.


The next two photos are virtually opposite and next to the first alley with the below being located between 25 – 33 Victoria Ave and leads to the back part of Wanganui Furniture Manufacturing Company.


This one is only 50 metres up from the very first photo but photographed looking towards Victoria Ave from a road that connects Taupo Quay and Drews Ave.  It is an alley that is still used for access to the living space above Elements Cafe in the old BNZ building.



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