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If you need to move then pick up the house.....
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    The Cemetery Circuit

    It happens every year in little old Wanganui and is one of the must see events. It is the Cemetery Circuit street race. As a test of my new 50mm lens I set the aperture to 1.4 and shot...
    12 May 2015 1799 0
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    Buying a house

    In New Zealand it is a very common practice to buy a house and then just move it to a new location…… Get chainsaw. Chop in half. Load it on to a truck and drive away....
    12 December 2014 1616 0
  • Art & Design

    Sand circles

    If you go down to beach today you are sure to see what I call sand circles. These were photographed by Tangimoana at the mouth of the Rangitikei River. Sand circle gallery – click to enlarge  ...
    9 December 2014 1613 0
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    Burn it!

    Just a little group of photos when I was bored and playing with fire!      ...Read More
    4 December 2014 1349 0